Monday, 19 August 2019

Hidden Naxos - The Book - The Tours

How to find those places off the normal tourist tracks. My take on the island: stories, anecdotes and descriptions - fully illustrated with my own photography, maps and route details



Received your book on the 18th. Love it ! This is exactly the sort of info I was hoping for. We will certainly be doing all or part of all three routes you describe. Our two weeks plus should give us plenty of time to set a leisurely pace. We will take you advice on car rental and proper clothes and footwear. That being said we will probably walk to most of the foot routes you mention. This is our third time in Greece. We would have both agree with you. "We should have been born in Greece". It appears you are living a life we hope to in the near future. Once again thank you very much for" Hidden Naxos". I begin the second read through today.
                                                                                              Best regards, Bill Hurlburt

Dear Stuart,
I just wanted to let you know that my husband & I just returned from our trip to Greece. We received a copy of your book from our hotel (Villa Marandi) and it was a WONDERFUL resource! Thank you for this guide - we truly appreciated the ideas of where to go and the background/history you provided.

All the best,

Stuart:  Just received your book (no extra postage required) and have already laughed out loud a couple of times!  What a marvelously readable guidebook.

Hello Stuart!
I was so happy to receive your book yesterday. It is the perfect size to bring with me and the photos are absolutely beautiful and amazing. I can’t wait to read it and savor all the information I know I will find useful. Kinda cheated and skimmed thru looking at the pics and I love the fact that u have quite a sense of humor

With your book we have more  suggestions to find more hidden places, so thank you!!! It was a pleasure reading it. Clear and with this typical sense of humor. We sure want to try more suggestions next year!
We love to drive along on the island and see what happen.  Your book is very useful for oriĆ«ntating and finding things we would normally pass.

Robert & Annemie

get the book directly from me, signed if you like, for 15euro + 7euro p&p

or from bookshops and selected stores on Naxos


The Tours - reloaded and on the road again


Details of the 'slow trekking' walks and the 'hidden naxos' tour from
 Zas Travel agency on the waterfront of Naxos Town 0030 23330
Stuart Thorpe 0030 69402 15429
Small groups or private excursions.

See you on Naxos!